Hello guys… So in my previous post where I announced the release of Give Me Life I said little about how the song came about. Well, the song came out of pain and fantasies, song’s actually deeper than you think. (I’ll explain that later in future)
But for now let me actually share with you the words to the song itself.

The song was written in Nigerian pidgin (brokin), also written in English language, swahili, hausa, igbo, yoruba and Afrikaans.


Pon Pon Eh…
Na Pon Pon Eh…
Pon Pon Eh. Eh…
Pon Pon Eh
Pon Pon Eh…
Na Pon Pon Eh…
Pon Pon Eh. Eh…
Pon Pon Eh



Everybody want to jorli
Everybody want to dance
Hitting the club every Friday..
Chilling with friends and fans
That is not me oh my Charley…
 Me i just wanna be happy
 Chilling alone in this world Eh..
 All I want is…..


 Give me life oo..
No want fame oo..
Living large oh..
In my big beautiful house oo..
With my beautiful woman..
No regrets ooo..
Live forever..
This I know uuoo..
So give me life
Give me power
Give me life
Give me power
Oya give me oo…
Baby ooo
Give it to me oo
Baby ooo
Give it to me oo.


Don’t get me wrong oh my Charley…
Just keep enjoying your life..
This life we dey just too short Eh..
So baby live it right..
Me I never want to die Eh..
Me want to stay young forever..
All I want is peace and quiet..
Ah na na nana

….. CHORUS……


Everybody wan be this
Everybody wan be that
Everybody wan be rich
Everybody wan be star
Everybody want to fly
Say me I never want to die..
Everybody want to shine
 Ah na nah nah….

 …. CHORUS…..


 No dulling…
So just rock it
And just move it
And just live it
And… Love it
And rock it
Baby just move it
 Oya gimme ooh..
 Baby ooh…
Moni ko fun mi oo (yoruba)
 Baby mo.. (igbo)
 Give it to me oh..
 Baby oh…
 Unipe oh.. (swahili)
Baby oh..
 Kabani oh.. (hausa)
 Baby mo…
 Gee var my.. (Afrikaans)
 Baby oh…
Moni ko fun mi ooo
Baby oou..
 Oya gimme baby oh.. 

Give it to me oh..

 We all never want to die..
 But we are going to die..
 Me I never want to die..
 But I am going to die..
 But before I die..
 I am going to fight..
 I am going to fly..
 And I am going to shine
 So I am going to help..
 And I am going to save.
 And I am going to care
 And I am going to help
 You should help Umm.. 

My brother help..
 My sister help.. 

Umm you should care…


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